Arevad Flag
Flag of Arevad and Alexandria


New Britannia

Noble/Royal Ruler



246 B1ENB



Other Notable Locations

Williham, Orizaba, Robertiana, Henriville

Arevad is a district of New Britannia and is the former name of the city of Alexandria. Its name was taken from the House of Arevin, New Britannia's first dynasty and the city's founding family and historic rulers. It includes the city of Alexandria, which was originally named Arevad. It was one of New Britannia's earliest settlements and the largest settlement of region prior to its independence. It would, after the formation of the Kingdom of New Britannia, become its Royal and Political capital throughout the ages. It would cease being the Royal Capital of New Britannia during the reign of Caleb the Terrible. It would later lose its status as the political capital temporarily under the Junta, being replaced by Amorovia in Kingtone. During the Fires of the Dominion, like Kalevgrad and Amorovia, it would be near totally destroyed. After the departure of the Fires, it would be refounded as Alexandria (just as Kalevgrad was refounded as Fredericksburg), though the outlying area around the city and the political district it governed would retain the name of Arevad. It would, as Alexandria, again become the political capital of New Britannia, holding a dual status with Fredericksburg, the Royal Capital, as New Britannia's capital and most important city. The district of Arevad on a whole is heavily urbanized, with all of it being considered a part of the Alexandrian Greater Metropolitan Area.