Phillip I Delmade
King of New Britannia
Reign 96 1ENB - 128 1ENB
Ruler of Region New Britannia
Predecessor Joseph I
Successor James II
Spouse None
Siblings James II
Issue None
Titles His Grace, Phillip Delmade, King of New Britannia and its Lords, Grand Duke of Arevad, Duke of Kingstone
Royal House House of Delmade
Father Joseph I
Mother Laura Kanum
Date of Birth 59 1ENB
Date of Death 128 1ENB (aged 69)
Place of Birth Arevad, New Britannia
Place of Death Arevad, New Britannia
Religion Pantheon of the Refined

Phillip I of New Britannia was the eighth Monarch of New Britannia. Prior to his ascension, he had been New Britannia's ambassador to the Britannian Empire after the withdrawal of the former's invasion of the latter, earning a high degree of influence within its borders as New Britannia steadily rose above Britannia in might. While New Britannia still had a smaller population than the entire Britannian Empire, the Britannians were deeply divided and some factions felt that the unity of New Britannia was worth submitting to over their own realm. While these sentiments were not enough to secure true territorial defections, many of these factions began emigrating, melding into New Britannia and making it more powerful whilst making Britannia more united than it had been but less populous and less mighty economically and militarily. Phillip ultimately wielded a level of power in Britannia that was, despite New Britannia's rising influence, ahead of his time for a New Britannian monarch. He ultimately oversaw an era of peace between the two nations, and while he never officially ruled any territory in Britannia, let alone hold its throne, he was the most influential figure in its lands, though not sufficiently to be able to dominate the oligarchy of power that had taken hold within Britannia. All the same, his influence secured many lucrative trade deals, some of which were mutually beneficial while many others favored New Britannia. In New Britannia itself, Phillip, like his father, oversaw an age of expansion for both his population and his territory. He himself had little directly to do with the policies ensuring this, though his trade deals with the Britannians and his ability to sway many to immigrate to New Britannia played a large role in their success. He would ultimately never marry or produce any known offspring, and was generally content with the notion of leaving the throne to his brother or nephew. The former ultimately occurred when he died in 128, with his brother becoming James II.

Phillip I of New Britannia
Phillip Delmade
House of Delmade
Regnal titles
Preceded by:
Joseph I
King of New Britannia
Succeeded by:
James II
New Britannian Peerage
Preceded by:
Joseph I
Grand Duke of Arevad

Succeeded by:
James II