Dukedom of Stradwick
Stradwick Flag
Flag of Stradwick


New Britannia

Duke of Stradwick

Justin of Stradwick


203 B1ENB


City of Stradwick

Other Notable Locations

Weye, Radcliff

Stradwick is a district of New Britannia. It includes the city of Stradwick, from which it takes its name, and of the Fields of Stradwick (still largely farmland), where the famous Battle of Stradwick occurred. A considerable amount of Stradwick, including the city of Stradwick itself as well as its two other cities, Weye and Radcliff, is physically connected to and is a part of the Greater Alexandrian Metropolitan Area, leading to it in practice, if not officially or totally politically, functioning as a borough of said Metrapolitan Area.

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